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Magnetic Mosquito Net Summer Anti Bug Fly Door Curtains

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The strong adhesive Velcro is easy to set up and can be reused without damaging the door frame. It is Strong, looks great and will not fall.
The magnetic automatic closing design makes it easier to enter and exit.
The door curtain is designed with multiple sets of strong magnets, which automatically close and reduce noise.
Its Ingenious humanized design, built-in strong magnetic automatic adsorption.
The velcro sticking and disassembly will not damage the door frame, and the quality is good and the adhesion is strong.
The gauze is made of polyester fiber material, the mesh is small, strong and durable, and helps ventilation, has long corrosion resistance and long life, environmental protection and health
If necessary, it can be directly removed for cleaning and reused. The service life is as long as several years.
Installation is also very simple and convenient.

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