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Electric Wine Bottle Opener

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Power: Battery x 4 (not included)

How to Use Our Wine Opener & Foil Cutter
1. Using the foil cutter, press inward & remove the wine bottle foil
2. Place the cordless opener stably over the corked wine bottle.
3. Simply press the lower button to start until the corkscrew stalls/stops, then lift upwards away from the bottle.
4. Remove the cork from the wine opener by pressing the upper part of the button.

【Easy and Quick】: Opens a bottle of wine in mere seconds with push-button ease -- never struggle with twisting or pulling again. Automatically removes and ejects both synthetic and natural corks, with no messy crumbling.
【Fresh as New】: Wine Vacuum saver keeps the opened wine fresh up to 7 days. Date scale and smart memory integration. Gently rotate the wine stopper to select the corresponding storage as programmed.
【Innovative Pourer】: Small and portable for quickly sobering and drip proofing. Unique trapezoidal design can be used for almost all different sizes of wine bottles.
【Sharp and Safe】: A simple squeeze and twist for foil removal. The cutter can be locked at the Bottom of the wine opener to prevent your children being hurt by the spiral.
【Four in One】: With one electronic wine bottle opener, one vacuum stopper, one aerator & pourer, and one foil cutter in one set provides a one-stop solution for wine opening, pouring, and preserving. It is all you need to taste a bottle of wine.

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