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Boot and Shoe Dryer Glove Warmer

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【Dry with Ozone】Cleverly designed to remove dampness and wetness from your footwear and gear with constant, optimal heat circulation at 104-122°F. With a unique ozone feature (optional, works for 20 minutes per use), this upgraded boot dryer can effectively eliminate odors caused by sweat, ensuring your gear is comfortable and hygienic.

【Intelligent Timer & Reservation】Set a drying timer (up to 99 minutes) to dry any footwear and gear based on the materials and how wet they are. Moreover, an activation timer (0.5-24 hours) for the reservation feature allows you to decide when the dryer should start working.

【90° Folding Design】Easily fold / unfold the boot dryer in 90 degrees for storage and portability. Two telescoping tubes measure 14.1 inches when fully stretched, reaching further into long working boots for overall odor elimination and drying.

【All-Purpose】Works like a charm with all kinds of footwear and gear made of most materials, including canvas shoes, leather oxfords, rubber boots, nylon sneakers, cotton socks, fleece gloves, and more. Extend the life of your gear and push the limits of your exploration outdoors.

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